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Neil has a great interest in our ancient and pre-history and has studied the subject for many years with a particular fascination with it’s more unexplained aspects. He is well into his second decade of leading groups of interested people on specialist tours of ancient, mystical and historical sites. Neil’s TV and radio appearances include; BBC Radio 4’s ‘Excess Baggage’, Edge Media TV’s, ‘Now That’s Weird’, Glastonbury Radio’s ‘Mysterious West’ and BBC Radio Lancashire.

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Mystery Cath
Mysteries of The Cathar Country
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The Lake District, A Megalithic Journey
Isle of Man - Web
Isle of Man, A Megalithic Journey
Malta Book Cover reduced
Malta & Gozo, A Megalithic Journey
Ang Web
Anglesey, A Megalithic Journey

Megalithic Tours Cairn Holy Chambered Tomb ancient site tours
Posing at Cairnholy

Megalithic Ancient Sites Tours

Our specialist ancient site tours visit the most popular attractions such as Stonehenge and the smaller size of our groups means that we can also reach the more remote, little known mystical sites throughout Britain and Europe that Neil has discovered over many years. Our tours take in many time periods from the Neolithic to the Knights Templar and the Cathars.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Neil and click on ‘Tour Diary’ above for up to date tour information.

Megalithic Tour Groups

Wayland’s Smithy Long Barrow

Megalithic Tour groups are small, usually not more than six poeple, friendly and welcoming. Quite a number come along on their own and others with friends or partners. Many of our travellers enjoy the social side of the tours and value the opportunity to get to know like minded people during the day, over dinner or later in the bar. Some like to keep their own counsel of course and that is respected, but many have made lasting friendships and come back many times. One of our regular travellers recently told me that “We always have great fun, it’s like coming back to see old friends”.

Megalithic Tours Cathar Country Tour
Dinner in the Garden on the Cathar Tour
Hi from Stonehenge
megalithic Tours mystical anglesey tour
LLigwy area on the Mystical Anglesey Tour

A Few Comments From Megalithic Travelers

My first tour with Neil and Megalithic Tours was in 2005 around North Wales and was a revelation, seeing so many historic sites for the first time, and all in two days. From that weekend onward I became an ardent fan of all things Megalithic.     I have been on fourteen tours with Neil since that first time and each one has been as fascinating at that first one, even when I am revisiting the same areas again. I have learnt so much and have thoroughly enjoyed being in the friendly and easy going atmosphere of like-minded people of all ages.

All of Neil’s tours whether they are the shorter one or two day events around Wales or England or the longer and more exotic trips abroad, are for me an opportunity both to renew old friendships and to meet and enjoy the company of new companions. An added bonus for me is that I have never felt out of place joining in on a Megalithic tour by myself as he seems always to attract friendly individuals and couples, and the small size of the group makes it possible to feel relaxed and at ease with everyone within minutes of climbing into his tour bus. Highly recommended!

Dr. Paul Entwistle (Liverpool, England)

I have been on many of Neil’s tours over the past 10 years and I have to say they are always most enjoyable and informative. Neil is a great host, is marvelous company and his knowledge is formidable. The tours are always very well organised, well researched and great value for money. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy a trip where everything is taken care of and you share the experience with friendly, like-minded people. I have made several personal friendships that have endured for years from people I have met on the tours. The atmosphere on the tours is always great and Neil always looks after you terrifically. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Whether you are an expert or enthusiast, Megalithic Tours will not disappoint.

Kevin Rowan-Drewitt (Blackpool, England), author of ‘The Rowan Guide to Castlerigg Stone Circle’ and ‘Spirals on Circles – The Rowan Guide to Long Meg, Little Meg and Glassonby Stone Circles’ (which are all stone circles covered by Megalithic Tours).

In June 2015 we took two tours with Neil McDonald to northern and southern France. Both were marvelous. They both catered to our interest in archaeology and history and involved excellent experiences that emerged us in the culture of both these regions. The tour was well-paced yet thorough. We loved traveling with a small group and really getting to know our fellow travelers. We would highly recommend Neil McDonald’s tours and hope to join him for another trip soon

Barbara Crowe and Ross Whiteaker (Arizona, USA)

This is my second tour with Neil, and we just visited Ireland. The scenery and the archaeological sites were truly fascinating. I loved crawling into the tomb chambers at Newgrange and Loughcrewe. The groups are small enough to get off the beaten path for some places, and we sometimes were the only tourists at sites. Our group decided to drive to a place and found a nice little castle that was not on the itinerary, so that was an added bonus.

Joanne Kuzma (Erie, PA, USA)

I’m in my 12th year of joining Neil on his Tours. I can honestly say they are superb, I have been to some amazing places and seen some of the best sites and all with expert information provided by Neil. If you are a lone traveler do not worry as you are looked after so well and usually in the company of like minded folk.I would advise you to look at all the trips Megalithic Tours has to offer and you will not be disappointed.

Honor Wearden (Darwen, England)

I have been on a number of Neil’s trips day tours, weekends and a seven-day tour.  They are well organised and well planned.  Neil is flexible and considers the needs of his fellow travellers.  He knows the areas well and can find the perfect little café for a snack and good restaurants for evening meals.  I have always found the tours attract like-minded people who are easy to be with, making it a trouble free experience for the single traveller.

Angela Hobbs (Preston, England)

I recently took two tours with Neil; Mystical Anglesey and Mystical Isle of Man, both were superb fun. Travelling with Neil in the minibus is a great way to get around the country and see all the sites, many of which I would probably have not found by myself. We got to explore the ancient hill forts, burial sites and standing stones, the whole experience was worth every penny and I look forward to my next trip with Megalithic Tours.

Deddie Elliott (London, England)

This is to thank you for what was the best holiday of my quite long life. the Cathar Country was even more magical than I expected – an earthly paradise – and the power of the landscape geometer was palpable. Your knowledge and sensitive appreciation of the history of the area brought its mystery, wonder and grief vividly to life. Your easy-going buoyancy and willingness to divert from the schedule – whether to pick up magic stones or raid a car boot sale – made the trip a friendly, relaxed adventure.

you seem to attract interesting people, too. setting out alone, I was delighted to find myself in such a friendly, like-minded group. Some of my most precious memories will be those evenings sitting with wine under the old trees, watching dusk settle over the abbey ruins and discussing the mysteries of the area and life in general. The accommodation and food were superb too – amazing at the price. I look forward to going on another expedition next year.

Lindsey Campbell. MA Oxon (Killin, Scotland)

I’ve been on several tours with Neil and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. They are very well planned and organised without feeling rigid and with enough flexibility  to allow everyone enough time at each site to explore either together in a group or alone.  Although Neil is very knowledgeable  about ancient history and many related subjects, he does not give commentaries at the sites, so that it’s possible to get a feel for each site and explore at your own pace without being distracted by a guided tour. Often discussion takes place over a good meal or a glass or two of wine in the evening. The groups are so small that it feels like going on holiday with friends, without having to do any of the work!

Helen Johnson (Leicester England) 

My first tour with Neil was my first solo trip but it was the best thing I could have done as I have now been on many tours with him & seen so many wonderful places that you would not see on any ordinary holiday & also made many lovely friends. The tour that really stands out though is the Cathar Country tour which I have done four or five times now & would love to do yet again. L’Hostelerie de L’Eveché where we are based is such an enchanting place; from the first glimpse of it as you cross the little bridge over the Aude it seems to wrap itself around you with a warm, welcoming hug. Every day on this tour is magical & I’ve heard people say ‘I thought yesterday was fantastic but today has been even better !’.

Di Snelling (Weymouth, England)

Whether you go on a day trip, a short break or longer European holiday, with Neil you can expect a hassle free experience of some of the most atmospheric, magical places on Earth. Add to that good company, food and hotels and you feel spoiled, as you should with such an experienced host.

Julia Pilkington (Barnoldswick, England)

Thank you for being a great guide, we really loved the mix of larger well known sites, with the smaller intriguing and more atmospheric ones,  Also enjoyed not being rushed and being able to stop at random, interesting places.  Very much looking forward to future trips with you and will be recommending your trips to our friends.

Yvonne Stubbington & Julia Ziomek (Chester, England)

Lisa and Jack independently traveled with Neil McDonald’s Megalithic Tours to the Orkneys and Shetland Islands in September 2015. Both had recently lost their spouses, tragically and early, and both Lisa and Jack had been prevailed upon by their friends to get out of the house and get away before they perished with their grief.  Somehow magically these mystical islands and the grace of the ancient gods brought these two grieving people together, and carefully tentatively they talked, eventually talking for hours on end.  The final day of the tour, during an eclipse of the moon, somehow culminated at Roslyn Chapel to forge a bond that was to carry Lisa and Jack through the days and weeks and months while Lisa was back home in Yorkshire and Jack was back home in Australia.  Jack proposed on Valentine’s Day and they were married in Australia on 31st August – less than a year since they met and thousands of miles from the magical romantic mystical Orkney Islands that brought them together!  Thank you Neil McDonald!

Lisa and Jack Taylor (Brisbane Australia)