Megalithic Tours Timetable 2018

Ancient, Mystical & Historical Sites

Tour Groups are up to seven people

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Date Tour Days   Tour Details
June 30th Scottish West Coast Highlands and Islands 8 Tour Full Tour Details
July 14th Yorkshire’s Amazing Megaliths 2 Tour filling Tour Details
July 22nd Ancient & Mystical Lake District 7 Places available Tour Details
Aug 4th Ancient Orkney & Shetland Isles & the Recumbent Stones of Aberdeenshire 7 Just 3 places left Tour Details 
Aug 19th Portugal, Evora’s Megaliths & Templar Tomar 7 Places Available Tour Details 
Sep 2nd Ancient & Mystical Cornwall 7 Places available Tour Details
Sep 14th Mystical Isle of Man 4 Places available Tour Details
Sep 21st Sardinia’s Nuraghi and Giants Tombs 7 Places available  Tour Details 
Oct 8th Menorca’s Mysterious Talayotic Culture Places available Tour Details 
Oct 19th South Wales & the Pembroke Pirate Coast 4 Places available Tour Details
Oct 27th Pendle Witch Tour 1 Tour Filling Tour Details
Nov 7th The Ancient Temples of Magical Malta 8 Places available Tour Details 
Nov 17th Mysterious Lancashire Day – One 1 Places available Tour Details
Nov 24th Mysterious Lancashire Day – Two 1 Places available Tour Details
Dec 27th New Year Tour. Megaliths of Brittany’s Cotes-d’ Armor 7 Places available Tour Details
April 2019 Mysterious Anglesey 2 Places available  
April 2019 Channel Islands of Jersey & Guernsey 7 Places available  
May 2019 Ancient Ireland the Emerald Isle 7 Places available Tour Details 
May 2019 Ancient Brittany & the Megalithic Stone Alignments of Carnac 7 Places available Tour Details
June 15th Cathar Country Tour 10 Tour filling Tour Details 
  Derbyshire Henges and Stone Circles Day 1    
  Mystical Lake District South & Coast Day