Aberdeen Recumbent Stone Circles

Aberdeen Recumbent Stone Circle

Recce Quest Tour

The Recumbent Stone Circles of Aberdeenshire are a real marvel of the Megalithic World, yet they are less visited then their cousins situated further south.  This recce tour will be dedicated to searching out many fine examples of recumbents, of with there are known to be over 70 accross the beautiful lands of Aberdeenshire.

The unique feature of the circles is the massive slab, laid recumbent on its side in the south-western or southern arc of the ring, and flanked by the two tallest stones of the circle. The recumbents average 24 tons in weight and were carefully levered and chocked-up to ensure that their upper surface was as level as possible.

It is believed that the recumbent and flanking stones form a kind of false horizon or frame through which to view the rising or setting of the major standstill moon that occurs every 18.6 years although at this northern latitude the moon doesn’t rise much above the horizon so this could well be why these massive low level stones where put in place.

We will be staying at the sea side Cove Bay Hotel on a b&B basis for this one off recce tour.

Aberdeen Recumbent Stone Circles Tour

Price £850 + Single Supplement £50

Deposit £250 each

Including all transport from pick up in the minibus until drop off, all site visits and day tours and accomadation in the hotel on a B&B basis.