Ancient Etruscan people of Tuscany Tour

 The Ancient Etruscan People of Tuscany

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The Greeks and Phoenicians took to the seas in search of trade in the first couple of centuries BC and were amazed to find a pre-existing advanced civilization in the area now known as Tuscany.  These Etruscan people were keen to trade and through this they developed into a rich and sophisticated society which founded many cities including Rome, which eventually grew to become their nemesis.

In this first tour of its kind we will be visiting the amazing artifacts left to us by the ancient Etuscans including massive carved tombs, some decorated with beautiful murals, incredible sarcophagi, intricately made pottery, jewelry and ornaments and magnificent polygonal city walls.

This small tour of upto five people will begin and end at Rome Ciampino airport and we will be staying in the ancient Etruscan town of Tarquinia. 

Tour cost £1,200 – (single supp £100)
Including B&B hotel accommodation and all day trips. Not included, flights and holiday/travel insurance.

Day 1.  Arrival Day, meeting at Rome airport

Day 2.  The Cerveteri and Tarquinia Necropoli.

Day 3.  Archaeological park of Vilci

Day 4,  Free day in Tarquinia

Day 5.  Roselle Archaeological Park: the remains of an ancient Etruscan town

Day 6.  A day exploring the ancient Etruscan town of Tuscania

Day 7.  Transfer to Rome airport.