Ancient Brittany & the Megalithic Stones Alignments of Carnac Tour

Ancient Brittany & the Megalithic Stone Alignments of Carnac Tour

A Seven Day Tour of Brittany’s Ancient Megalithic Sites Including Stone Alignments,
Chambered Tombs, Stone Carving, Dolmans, Huge Megaliths & Much More

The area of North Western France known as Brittany can be viewed as a continuation of an ancient sacred land stretching from the Isles of Scotland, down the west coast of Britain and across the English Channel. It is along this expanse that the Megalithic Stone Builders of the Neolithic Age left their mark in the form of sacred areas and pilgrimage routes covered with stone circles, long-barrows, chambered tombs and standing stones. On our ancient sites tour of Carnac and Brittany we visit a wide range of sacred sites including the many fields of highly unique Stone Alignments, or vast multiple rows of standing stones. This spectacular experience takes ancient site tours to another level and is a must for anyone interested in our megalithic past.

We will have plenty of time to tour the Carnac Stone Alignments but Brittany has a great deal more to offer. The many Dolmans of the area are varied in design and some contain fine ancient rock carvings, the main one being on the small island of Gavrinis, which we shall reach by ferry across the Golfe du Morbihhan. The still complete Kercado chambered tomb with its internal passageway over 20 feet long and 16 ft high dome with a standing stone sitting on its summit is a special treat. It stands on the edge of the main Kermario alignments with the Manio Giant stone standing at an impressive 21 ft tall, nearby. The Pierres Plates Allée Couverte, or stone covered passageway, stretches along the seafront with its right angle turn and intriguing rock carving. There are many more ancient sites to visit including the Champ Dolent menhir that, standing at nearly 30 feet it is the highest megalithic standing stone in Europe.

For the majority of this epic ancient sites tour of Carnac and Brittany we will be staying in the village of Carnac itself with a day off to take in the nearby beach, shops and the fine Archaeology Museum. Our final night will be in the fantastic walled city of St Malo with its excellent restaurants and bars, beach and easily walkable ramparts that surround the city.

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Proposed Itinerary for this Ancient & Mystical Sites Tour of Brittany & Carnac

Day 1. Ferry across to Brittany

Our ancient and mystical sites tour will begin with a journey down to Portsmouth were we will meet to catch the overnight ferry to St. Malo. A Cabin is included in the tour price, so after an evening in the ferries restaurants, cinemas and bars we will have a good nights rest.  The cabins are on a room only basis but the restaurant will be open before we dock.

Day 2. Megalithic Stone Alignments of Carnac 

In the morning we will take a drive through the beautiful countryside of Northern France to Carnac to begin our exploration of this amazing area awash with all manner of ancient sites. After booking into the hotel (B&B basis) we will take in the visitors centre at the start of the vast fields of Megalithic Stone Alignments and will then travel the length of these ending in a little known megalithic forest.

Day 3. Another day exploring the ancient & mystical sites of Carnac 

A second day touring the amazing ancient sites of Carnac, taking in the gems of Quiberon Peninsular, the village of Erdevon and Locmariaquer sea front.

Day 4. Free day in Carnac

We will then be ready for a much deserved day off to relax on the beaches and take in the sea views, the town with its fascinating ‘Carnac Archaeological Museum’ and tourist centre and of course the characterful shops, some selling Celtic designed items.

Day 5. Ferry across the Golfe du Morbihhan to the Gavrinis Passage Tomb

New for 2015 we will be taking a ferry across the Golfe du Morbihhan to quest out the amazing Gavrinis passage tomb that contains some of the finest ancient stone carvings to be found anywhere.

Day 6. St Malo, the Preslin Stone Alignments and massive Manhir du Champ Dolent

Travelling across France to northern Brittany will we visit the tallest Megalith in Europe, the magnificent Manhir du Champ Dolent and the Preslin Megalithic Alignments before arriving in the Medieval walled city of St Malo where we will book into our hotel on a B&B basis. The City was originally a protected island, which got its name from a Welsh monk (Mac Low), in the 6th Century. In later centuries it became notorious as the home of a fierce breed of pirate-mariners, who were never quite under anyone’s control but their own; for 4 years from 1590; Saint-Malo even declared itself to be an independent republic, taking up the motto “not French, not Breton, but Malois”. Today you find a historic and atmospheric City packed with all sorts of restaurants, bars and shops. You can walk the City walls and extensive beaches or simply take in the atmosphere at one of the many street cafes.

Day 7. Ferry to Portsmouth and the journey home 

We will take the morning ferry to Portsmouth and travel home

The May 2018 Tour

Brittany & the Stones of Carnac

Brittany & the Stones of Carnac Payment

Tour Price £1300

Single Supplement £100

Deposit £250

1. Pictures of the Ancient, Mystical Sites Tour of Carnac & Brittany

2. Pictures of the Ancient, Mystical Sites Tour of Carnac & Brittany