Crop Circle Quest Tour

Crop Circle Quest Recce Tour

Arrived June 8th

Its been a few years since the old days of the Megalithic Tours ‘Crop Circle Quest Weekends’, and I haven’t visited a formation since then, but I notices that last years was an excellent year for crop circles and that a few have already arrived for this summer of 2021.

It would be great to head down to Wiltshire and see if we can quest out some of these magnificent formations, obviously nothing is guaranteed but either way we can have a fun weekend and can visit ancient sites such as the Uffington White Horse, Wayland’s Smithy and Barbury Hillfort etc.

We will be staying at the fine old Bear Hotel, on the town square in Devizes for two nights, B&B.  This historic establishment is well known for quality and excellent food.

Crop Circle Quest Tour - £400

Because this is a recce tour I have kept the price down to the very minimum, so I hope you can join us for this small group.

£400 Per Person.  Including transport from joining the us in the minibus, site visits and B&B for two nights in the hotel.