Derbyshire Henges & Stone Circles Ancient Sites Tour

Derbyshire Henges & Stone Circles Tour

A One Day Tour of the Ancient and Mystical Sites of Derbyshire

This ever popular tour of the ancient sites of Derbyshire begins with a visit to the Cat and Fiddle tea rooms on the picturesque Moors pass. The Derbyshire Peak District has had a distinctly mystical element since before the time of the Neolithic Stone Builders and many ancient sites are dotted around the landscape. Our first site visit of the day will be the magnificent Arbor Low stone circle and henge with its outlying man-made ‘Gib Hill’, one of the most significant ancient sites in Britain that has been called the ‘Stonehenge of the North’. Later and in contrast the little known Bronze Age Dol Tor Stone Circle hides silently in a magical wood and the nearby Andle Stone, the early Gorsedd, or meeting place,

Our lunch break will be in the historic village of Youlegreave which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book and has some great country pubs. The village church dates from Saxon times and contains two interesting tombs in the chancel, one of which is from the 13th century, around the time of the Knights Templar. Also to be found in the Nave wall is the exquisite ‘Pilgrim’ carving from the same period all overlooked by the William Morris Pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows high above the altar.

After lunch we will continue our exploration of the ancient sites of the area with a visit to the magnificent and huge Robin Hood’s Stride, a natural rocky outcrop that would have been a sacred meeting place for Mesolithic and early Neolithic man. Sitting beneath and a short walk across the field is the Nine Stones stone circle and also a Hermitage Cave with an historic crucifix wall carving. Then a walk onto the beautiful Stanton Moor will take us to the Nine Stones stone circle for our final mystical site of the day. But as an added bonus we will also call in at the town of Bakewell where they serve the world famous Bakewell Puddings. A fine conclusion to this action packed day.

Proposed Itinerary of Derbyshire Ancient Sites

Cat & Fiddle ‘Peak View’ Tea Rooms
Arbor Low Stone Circle & Henge
Gibb Hill man-made mound
Youlgreave Historic Village
Nine Stones Stone Circle
Robin Hoods Stride Rocky Outcrop Gorsedd
Hermits Cave & Rock Art
Nine Ladies Stone Circle
Bull Ring Henge

Price for the day tour is £50 – including all transport and site visits

Price for the Day Tour - £50

Including transport from pick up and site visits