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A Four Day Ancient & Mystical Sites Tour Based on Neil’s Book
‘Isle of Man, A Megalithic Journey’

It is said that the Sea God Manannan threw his cloak of mist over the Isle of Man to protect it from seaborne invaders.  Maybe it was this that led to the preservation of one of the finest collections of ancient, mystical and historical sites to be found anywhere.  The Isle of Man has an individual personality and can truly boast an undisturbed history in microcosm unique in the British Isles.

Our Hotel for the three nights is on the seafront of the magnificent Douglas Bay, just down from where our Steam Packet Ferry arrives from Liverpool.  From here we will transverse the entire Isle of Man and discover its incredible range and diversity of ancient and historical sites.

From the Neolithic and Bronze Ages the Cashtal yn Ard and King Orry’s Grave Chambered Tombs are outstanding whilst the Meayll Hill is a real one off.  The Vikings left us Ship Burials and the splendid Long Houses at the Braaid Farmstead and the beginnings of Christianity can be found at the St Patrick’s carved standing stones and then the many remains of early Keeill chapels, again distinctively found on the Isle of Man.  Also from this time period are the collections of magnificently carved stone crosses unequalled anywhere.  The lovely old churches at Marown and Lonan provide a wonderfully atmospheric experience and at the remains of St Trinian’s hear the story of the angry Bogart.  We will visit the Cronk ny Merriu Promontory Fort, the Civil War fort of Ballachurry, Tynwald Hill the ancient centre of Manx government, the peaceful Glen Mooar with its spectacular Spooyt Vane waterfall and St Patrick’s Keeill chapel.  In Douglas we visit the Isle of Man Museum that helps put the whole experience together with its exhibits from all the time periods we will have covered and a fascinating film of Manx history.

Ancient, Mystical & Historical Sites of the Isle of Man

4 Day Tour Price – £650

Includes all transportation, ferry crossings, site visits & B&B in Douglas. Single sup £45

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