Lake District North Mystical & Ancient Sites Tour

Lake District North Mystical Sites Tour

A One Day Megalithic Tour of Lake District Ancient and Historical Sites

As an important part of the megalithic western fringe of ancient Britain the English Lake District is a national treasure.  Here we find some of the some of the most amazing and significant stone circles, Viking and Celtic crosses and historical sites from many time periods including some spectacular castles and abbeys. The Northern Lake District ancient, mystical and historical sites tour was the first ever Megalithic tour and it continues to be popular today. With Castlerigg and Long Meg stone circles we are lucky enough to be able to visit two of the best stone circles in Britain and Kemp Howe and the Goggleby Stone are the remains of the ancient Belinus Line. The variety of sites also includes the two magnificent henges of Mayburgh and King Arthur’s Round Table, a Viking hog back stone, ancient thumb crosses, the bizarre Dacre Bears, time in the old Lake District town of Keswick and more.

Proposed Lake District Ancient, Mystical and Historical Sites

Kemp Howe Stone CircleThe Lake District A Megalithic Journey Neil McDonald
Goggleby Monolithic Standing Stone
King Arthur’s Round Table Henge
Mayburgh Henge
Penrith (lunch break)
Giant’s Grave Viking Crosses
Giant’s Thumb Saxon Wheel Cross
Long Meg & Her Daughters Stone Circle
Little Meg Stone Circle
Addingham Ancient Cross
The Dacre Bears
Castlerigg Stone Circle

 Tour based on Neil’s Book

‘The Lake District, A Megalithic Journey’

The Lake District, A Megalithic Journey Film

Pictures of the North Lake District Mystical Sites Tour

Price for the Day Tour - £50

Including transport from pick up and site visits