Menorca, Megalithic Island Tour

Menorca’s Mysterious Talayotic Culture


Holiday makers on this beautiful sunny, Spanish Balearic island are used to the amazing coves and Mediterranean Sea views, but this amazingly picturesque landscape holds the memories of a secret and distant civilization.  Luckily, though, we are able to visit ancient sites across the island that provide fascinating evidence of this long, otherwise lost, ‘ Tatayotic culture’.

From around 1600 BC people began to settle in early naviform dwellings.  These monumental structures, built from huge blocks, were the fore-runners to the navetas, magnificent burial chambers named after the upturned-boats they resemble.

Then around 3,000 years ago the first talayots were being built.  These huge towers were constructed from large blocks of stone with truncated cores.  They differ greatly in design, some having internal spaces, passageways and steps to rooms at the top.  This has led to propositions that the talayots were watch towers or points of communications between adjoining settlements.

The ‘Taula Precincts’, that appeared in the 6th century BC, are unique to Menorca and they were obviously an important part of the life of the Talayotic people.  They consisted of the taula, meaning table in Catalan, built from two huge stone slabs placed one on top of the other to form a ‘T’ shape.  This was usually located within a precinct, a cyclopean wall that surrounded the taula and was accessed through a portal doorway.  It is probable that these were important places of meeting for ceremonial and other community purposes.

The settlements mainly consist of ‘cercles houses’, the homes of the Talayotic people.  They are usually sound or square shaped with rounded corners and contain all the usual sign of domestic usage including cooking, sleeping and fabric working.

We will be exploring all these stone monuments together with fascinating ancient cave structures and other places of interest.  The Hotel Jume, in the center of Mahon, whilst being is extremely popular and welcoming.

The weather in October averages above 20c, so pretty much like a nice warm British summer.

The Price for the 7 day Tour is £1200

(single supplement £70.  Deposit £250)

The tour will begin and end at Menorca Airport

The price includes daily ancient site tours around the island (with a day off, mid-week in the town of Mahon) and accommodation on a B&B basis.  The price does not include flights, travel insurance which must be organised individually.

Video of Talati de Dalt by Hugh Mewman on the 2016 Megalithic Tour

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