Mystical Isle of Anglesey Tour

Mystical Isle of Anglesey Tour

White Knight says to Alice,
I heard him then, for I had just completed my design.
To keep the Menai Bridge from rust.
By boiling it in wine.

Lewis Carrol, Through the Looking Glass

 A Two day Tour of the Ancient, Mystical & Historical Sites of Anglesey

Although firmly part of North Wales the Island of Anglesey has a distinctive mystical character of its own which stretches back to a time when Anglesey was a Druid homeland until around the end of the BC period.  It was in 60AD when the Roman legions faced the terrifying sight of the painted warring Druids across the Menai Strait or ‘Afon Menai’.  It had been this narrow stretch of sea that had allowed the Druids to fend off the encroaching Roman invaders until this final standoff.  After the Romans left Anglesey the ensuing power vacuum was filled by the return the British kings and the area of Aberffrew became capital of the kingdom of Gwynedd.  It was around this time that two holy men arrived on Anglesey, St Cybi who set up his monastery on Anglesey’s Holy Isle, in Holyhead and St Seiriol who established Holy Penmon at the opposite side of the Island. The wide range of ancient, mystical and historical sites to be discovered on Anglesey reflect this diverse history and during our tour we will traverse the island visiting a whole range of fascinating and well-preserved sites.

Anglesey A Megalithic Journey Neil McDonald

Neil’s Book. Anglesey, A Megalithic Journey

Proposed Itinerary of Ancient, Mystical & Historical Sites of Anglesey

Day 1. – Saturday

Bryn-Celli-Ddu Chambered Tomb
Bodowyr Cromlech
Beaumaris Lunch Break
Holy Penmon – St.Seriol’s Hermitage & Holy Well
Penmon Priory – The Dovecot
Lligwy Cromlech
Din Lligwy Ancient Settlement
Capel Hen Lligwy Historical Church
Over night in Ceames Bay

Day 2. – Sunday

Mein Hirion Standing Stones
Presaddfed Chambered Tomb
Oriel-Ynys-Mon Museum
Penrhos-feilw Standing Stones
Holyhead Mountain Ancient Settlement
Trefignath Chambered Cairn
Ty Mawr Standing Stone
Bryn-Gwyn Castle Henge
Bryn-Gwyn Tre’r Dryw Circle Portal Stones
Llangadwaladr Church of St. Cadwaladr and the Stone of St. Cadfan

Mystical Anglesey Tour Payment

2 day Tour £350 - (£20 single supp)

Deposit £70 each

including transport, B&B, all site visits .


The April 2018 tour

Pictures of Day One Ancient Sites of Anglesey

Pictures of Day Two Ancient Sites of Anglesey