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Atlantis, An Empire Lost & Found

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Malta & Gozo, A Megalithic Journey

Neil McDonald has been fascinated by the exceptional history of Malta and Gozo for some years and leads tour groups around the islands’ unique prehistoric and historic sites. The history section takes the reader on a journey from the formation of the islands’ along the their timeline including the ancient temples, the Medieval Period, the Knights of St John the British and into the islands’ independence. The second part of the book is a gazetteer and guide to over 30 of the ancient and prehistorical sites that are to be found throughout these beautiful Mediterranean islands, where the sun shines all year round

Mystery Cath

Mysteries of the Cathar Country

Mysteries of The Cathar Country, is a look into the Histories and Mysteries of the Languedoc. Including the Cathars, Rennes-le-Château, the Knights Templar, the Nazi connection, Sacred Geometry and the Priory of Sion. Neil McDonald has been visiting and running tours to the Cathar Country for some years and is an expert in the rich, diverse and fascinating history of the area, including the Cathars and the story of Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Château. It is with this background that the book is presented and to provide the reader with a comprehensive journey through this wonderful area of Southern France, which has received so much interest worldwide in recent years. Neil has brought all the mysteries of the Cathar Country together in one single volume, for the first time.

Lakes District A Megalithic Journey Neil McDonald

The Lake District, A Megalithic Journey

Neil McDonald has been visiting the Lake District since childhood, spending many happy hours walking in the spectacular fells and valleys. Over the years he has become an expert in the many ancient, mystical and historical sites of this beautiful part of northern England. Neil has been taking tour groups to the area for many years and in this book he has used his wealth of experience to create a circular tour of some of the best sites the region has to offer.

Isle of Man A Megalithic Journey Neil McDonald
Isle of Man, A Megalithic Journey

Neil McDonald has been leading tour groups around the Isle of Man for many years. He is an expert on the ancient, mystical and historical sites that cover the island, many of which are quite unique. Neil has used his experience to create this book that takes the reader on a circular tour of the best ancient and mystical sites of the Isle of Man. With detailed descriptions it also includes direction right up to the sites. This book is therefore an ideal companion on any personal megalithic journey of the island.

Angelsey A Megalithic Journey Neil McDonald

Anglesey, A Megalithic Journey

The extraordinary wealth of ancient and historical sites on the Welsh island of Anglesey represents a microcosm of British history, from the deep Neolithic past to the Roman occupation, through the rise of the Welsh princes to the heyday of the Victorian resort of Beaumaris. It was on Anglesey that the ancient Druids took their last stand against the Roman invaders. Neil McDonald is an expert on the mythic and historical geography of Anglesey. In this fascinating book, he explores the island's heritage and countryside, providing vivid descriptions and rich historical backgrounds for its landmarks and culture. Anglesey, A Megalithic Journey combines clear writing with excellent historical understanding, the perfect guide to your own tour of the island.