Pendle Witch Tour

Pendle Witch Day Tour

We will begin our Pendle Witch Tour some 400 years ago at an eerie and ominous event, from which sprang the famous Lancashire ‘Witch Hunt’. We will set the scene by taking a look at how world events and the general feel of the times made it possible for this horrifying turn of events to take place, which so effected the lives of the poor families living in the forest around Pendle Hill.

On this unique full day Pendle Witch Tour we will visit key locations as we follow the unfolding of the story. Our first visit will be to Gisburn church and from there we will move into the Pendle area, calling at the rolling hills of Pasture Head, where we will hear of the meeting at Malkin Tower, then we will visit the Visitor’s Centre and other places of interest. We will then following the trail taken by Demdike, Chattox and the other accused as they made their long and fateful journey from Pendle to Lancaster. On route we will call of at Clitheroe castle and then make our way over the picturesque moors of the Trough of Bowland.

On arriving at Lancaster we will take the guided tour of the castle, where our accused were held and tried, before being hung at Golgotha. If time permits we will visit the pub, where they called off for a last drink on their way to the gallows.

One Day Tour £46

Including transport from pick-up to drop off and entrance to Lancaster Castle

Beginning and ending in Preston

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Pendle Witch Tour