Portugal Evora & Tomar

Portugal, Megaliths of Evora

& Templar Tomar Tour

I visited the attractive Portuguese town of  Evora for the first time in 2015 and found this UNESCO World Heritage Town to be not only friendly but well worth visiting just for its architecture and historic buildings.  The ‘Bone Chapel’ in itself sticks in memory, but there is also the cathedral and assorted museums.  The real reason for visiting the area, though, was to take in the amazing megalithic sites around the town and for any megalithic fan these are a must.

I did not get the chance to visit Tomar, so this part of the tour will be new for us all.  Tomar was built by the Knight Templar and will be a fascinating place to visit.

We will be a small group for this unique tour.

Tour Price £950 – Single Supplement £70

Tour price includes transport and B&B whilst in Portugal.  Does not include air fares or your holiday insurance.

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