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Speakers Information 2016

Linda Sever

Otherworldly being or beings from Other Worlds?

Linda is an academic, university lecturer and writer. She is editor/co-author of “Lancashire’s Sacred Landscape”(History Press, 2011) and “Discovering the Anglo-Saxons” (tbp). She has spoken at national and international conferences and also teaches psychic and spiritual awareness classes. Her interests are in contemporary and reconstructionist paganism, particularly heathenry, mediumship psychic questing and Northern European shamanism.

Linda’s Talk – Otherworld beings or beings from other Worlds?  For hundreds of years there have been recorded sightings of otherworldly beings, such as fairies, elves, dwarves, pixies, trolls, brownies. The list is endless. So strong was the belief amongst the Anglo-Saxons that they had numerous spells to remove elf arrow shot or dwarf poison. While some of these being remain in the imagination, many apparitions have remained unexplained and their existence is hotly debated, even in some academic circles. Exactly the same can be said for extra-terrestrial sightings. The question, therefore, could be asked, whether these ‘otherworldy’ beings and extra-terrestrial beings are actually one and the same? Is it possible these beings are from inner or parallel worlds co-existing alongside our own? And is there a way to meet and communicate with these beings?

This talk will take a look at some case studies of fairy and alien sightings and compare the similarities in descriptions and in geographical locations, including some of the speaker’s own personal experiences. It will discuss how, through strengthening our own psychic abilities and awareness of natural magic we can become more interconnected with the earth and the infinite universe. When we become aware that we are all linked to a common core of knowledge that spans thousands of years,infinite worlds and beings await to communicate with us.

John Billingsley

Home Security before CCTV: Folk magic traditions of house protection in the North

John Billingsley is long-time editor of Northern Earth magazine, and personally specialises in folklore and our relationship with place. His books include A Stony Gaze: Investigating Celtic and other carved heads;West Yorkshire Folk Tales;The Mixenden Treasure; and Folk Tales from Calderdale Vols 1 & 2. His work on the archaic head motif brought him into contact with other magical protective measures used in vernacular tradition for homes and other buildings.


Gillian Smith

Exploring Ancient & Mysterious North Wales 

Gillian is an archaeologist with special interests in the British and Irish Neolithic and Bronze Age . She is the manager at Llangollen Museum where she tries to bring the special landscape of the Dee Valley to life through exhibitions and talks.  She is an itinerant with a camera who wanders around collecting images and stories from anywhere she visits . Gillian collects folklore and local superstitions. She helps run a FB page Voices From The Stones – who collect folklore from all over Britain and Ireland associated with standing Stones and Stone Circles.  Gillian says ‘I like to spend as much time as possible in the Neolithic as work allows me!’.  She is a member of the British Druid Order and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.  She speak to groups including Druid and Pagan groups on the subject of the use of ancient sites and how we interpret them in the here and now. She has researched ‘ceremonial ritual’ sites for many years since her student days as a young archaeologist at Glasgow University. This was developed further as a post graduate research student when she studied the domestic and ritual aspects of – Wheelhouses in Shetland and the Western Isles .  Gillian is currently researching the background to a book on Through the Portals to the past – a journey in images and stories

Marcus Allen

The Apollo Moon Landings – Fact or Fiction???

Marcus is the UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, which he first discovered at Glastonbury in 1992, while attending the Symposium.  He and his wife, Robyn, decided that other people may well find Nexus as interesting as they had done.  Increasing numbers did, and 5 years later it became a full time job for the whole family – it still is.  Which was fortunate because his previous career with Toyota had been  ended by the recession of 1993.  It may be a cliche to say it, but it really was the best thing that could have happened:  It provide the impetus to get involved in something which became more than just a job – Nexus is a way of life.  It is also fair to say that selling a good car is similar to selling a good magazine – both should have the Wow! factor.

Marcu’s talk – 46 years ago this month (July) two American astronauts flew to, landed on and walked over the Lunar surface; then returned triumphantly to Earth.  The Moon Landings have been voted the most memorable TV event of the 20th Century.  But does what NASA insists is their evidence for this event stand up to scrutiny?  An increasing number of people now have doubts.  Were the dangers of radiation overcome; were the extreme temperatures of space too great for humans to survive? Were the Moon Rocks real?  Were the photographs really taken on the Moon or during the training exercises here on Earth?  Surely the Russians would have ‘blown the whistle’ if they suspected wrong doing?  This presentation will address these, and other issues, which may help “to remove one of truth’s protective layers”.


Helen Kirk

Music of the Spheres – How Sound and PHI-bration shape our reality

Helen is a Sound and Energy Therapist, Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. She teaches spiritual development and sound healing classes as well as delivering workshops and talks.  Her interests lie in the ancient science of sacred geometry and of how sound and resonance may well be the primordial organising force of the universe.

Helen’s talk & gong experience – Helen will take you on a journey of Sound and PHIbration…..sharing both the science and spiritual aspects of how sound and harmony shape our reality.  Recent studies point to sound as being the prime organising force of all matter, so our journey will start with the BIG BANG as the creative spark of the universe and will take us to a point of understanding the Music of the Spheres and planetary orbital resonance and of how this may well influence the bio-geometry and resonance of the earth’s energy grids.

Harmonic sounds have been found to be the richest source of mathematical constants of the universe and we will show how PHI, the golden mean, is perhaps the most important constant as this  ratio is intrinsic to every facet of nature’s design intelligence from DNA all the way up the structure of the entire galaxy and beyond.  And finally, we will explore the use of sound and bioresonance as a healing modality, enabling us to retune our bodies and minds back to a state of perfect health and wellbeing.

A talk on sound would not be complete without hearing many different sounds themselves, so Helen’s talk will combine beautiful geometrical images, extraordinary sounds from deep space and mother earth, ultimately leading to a deep and transformative experience of Sound Healing using her 38” Gong.

Rupert Soskin

Ancient Travellers – Global connections in prehistory

Rupert Soskin is an independent writer and photographer with particular interests in natural history and archaeology.  He is widely known for the much acclaimed film Standing With Stones and accompanying book of the same name, exploring the megalithic sites of Britain and Ireland.  His latest book, Metamorphosis, astonishing insect transformations, published by Bloomsbury, was a three-year mission to record the little known aspects of the life cycles of insects. Published in September 2015, Metamorphosis has been lauded as a stunning achievement in nature photography.  He continues to research both disciplines, regarding them as completely symbiotic.  He has been known to observe, “You can’t visit megaliths without walking past a thousand different organisms along the way”.

Rupert’s Talk – There seems to be a great deal of evidence to support the idea of megalithic culture going deeper into the past than is generally accepted.  More surprising is that these megalithic practices appear, in very similar forms throughout the world.  In this talk, Rupert explores the evidence for shared culture as opposed to parallel evolution and discusses some of the tantalising clues pointing towards cultural exchange and transatlantic travel in prehistory.

Yuri Leitch

The British Secret Tradition and the triangle of Michael

Yuri Leitch was born in 1968, and has lived in the west country of England all of his life. He has lived in Glastonbury since 2001. A professional artist and illustrator. He spends most of his spare time investigating occult and Celtic history and sacred sites. In 2007 he published ‘Gwyn: ancient god of Glastonbury’; 2013, ‘Signs & Secrets of the Glastonbury Zodiac’; 2015, ‘The Ogham Grove’ and the ‘Sacred Sites Oracle Cards’.

Yuri’s talk – In the 1930s, occultists, Katharine Maltwood (discoverer of the Glastonbury Zodiac) and Dion Fortune (author of many books on the occult) promoted aspects of the Triangle of Michael – Glastonbury Tor, St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, and Mont St Michel in France. Each of these places belonged to the Benedictine order of monks who appear to have had knowledge of ‘lines of power’ across the landscape of the British Isles and Europe. The three sides of this huge triangle project onwards creating ‘the Great Dragon Line’, The Michael Line (from Cornwall to the Norfolk coast); the Michael Apollo Line (down through classical Europe); and the Celtic, Lugh Line, that runs from the western isles of Scotland, through France and into the Pyrenees.

Lindsey Campbell MA Oxon

Chatting with Mother “Earth”

Lindsey says – “I have been responding to Earth Energies for about 77 years and sometimes thinks about things. The people who built the megaliths related to the world in a far different way from ourselves. We cannot understand their work and intentions simply by applying intellectual techniques and scholarship. Can we regain their way of understanding?”