Speakers Information 2017

Peter Knight

Living in Wiltshire and close to the magical landscape of Avebury, Peter is well known in the South for his entertaining and enthusiastic workshops, convention lectures and field trips.  He is an authority on our ancient landscape and weaves this wisdom into his many books.  Peter is co-founder of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group, an Honorary Member of the Dorset Dowsers, Antiquarian Society and the Wessex Dowsers as well as sitting on the committees of the Wyvern Dowsers and Society of Ley Hunters.  He is also an Adult Education Tutor on archaeology and earth mysteries, holding seminars at Bournemouth University.  As a freelance magazine writer, his work has appeared on radio and TV, most notably on Channel 4 with Monty Don in Don Roamin’.

Peter’s Talk – Dartmoor Mindscapes – Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape.  This talk is based on Peter’s 11th book, revealing his groundbreaking new discoveries on the ancient landscape of Dartmoor. He shows how rock basins, balanced rocks, curious rocks and giant simulacra were sacred to prehistoric people there, and how they aligned and positioned their stone circles and stone rows with the sacred tors. he also suggests how we can connect with such landscapes today.     www.stoneseeker.net

Elaine Speakman

After finding that a successful careers in academia had not brought the quality of life she had hoped for, Elaine took what she calls a long overdue ‘gap year ‘ in 1999, when she began to experience life changing mystical events that eventually led her into a journey of spiritual healing and energetic activity that continues to this day and which has brought her the nickname of ‘Star’.  Elaine is a practising healer and mystic.  She has recently brought together some published poems into a small pamphlet ‘Walking on Broken Glass’; has self-published a handbook ‘The Simple Path’ to help those who are waking up to spiritual energies and has a book on the lost sacred history of Bury about to be published entitled ‘Fools Rush In’.  She is currently working on an autobiographical journal of her mystical experiences, illustrated with images of elementals from her growing portfolio of photographs.

Elaine’s Talk – Kaleidescope – meeting and working with the unseen World of Gaia.  Covers her work connecting via her camera with the normally unseen beings of the Earth and with the cards to help others make sense of their lives.

Neil McDonald

Neil has had a great interest in our ancient history and pre-history for many years with a particular fascination with it’s more unexplained and esoteric aspects.  Well into his second decade of taking groups of interested people on specialist tours of ancient, mystical and historical sites, Neil has completed five books on the subject.  He also organises and presents this ‘Mysterious Earth Conference’, now in its ninth year.  Neil’s TV and radio appearances include; BBC Radio 4’s ‘Excess Baggage’, Edge Media TV’s, ‘Now That’s Weird’, Glastonbury Radio’s ‘Mysterious West’ and BBC Radio Lancashire.

Neil’s Talk – Malta & Gozo, Mysterious Megalithic Islands.  Neil will draw from his new book and from his many years of taking tour groups around the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo to look into the many fascinating mysteries that the islands hold, from the controversial question of who the first inhabitants of the islands were to the incredible and unique ancient temples.

Kevin Rowan-Drewitt

Kevin has had an interest in stone circles since seeing Stonehenge as a boy 52 years ago. In the past 22 years he has travelled throughout the British Isles and beyond visiting ancient sites and studying their alignments, both to the Sun and Moon and their locations on ley lines. Kevin is an adult education teacher of Earth Mysteries, an astrologer, being secretary of the Blackpool based Northern Lights Astrological Society, a Runemaster, a High Priest of Wicca, Reiki Master and author of The Rowan Guide to Castlerigg Stone Circle. His second book, also called Spirals On Circles which accompanies the talk, will be on sale on the day.

Kevin’s Talk – Spirals on Circles – Long Meg, Little Meg and Glassonby Stone Circles.  Within a few miles of each other, in the picturesque Eden Valley in East Cumbria, stand the only stone circles in England that have spirals carved into them; the magnificent Neolithic Long Meg and Her Daughters, the third largest stone circle in Britain, her little sister, the Bronze Age Little Meg and the anomaly that is Glassonby Stone Circle, which really wasn’t a stone circle at all when it was built. Although spirals are found at other ancient sites in Scotland, Wales, Ireland and beyond, only these 3 sites have them in England. Kevin, who has personally visited all three sites on numerous occasions, will explain the history and alignments of the sites – who built them, what they might have been used for, and put forward his theories as to what the spirals mean. Come and join him for a walk in your ancestors footsteps.

Hugh Newman

Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author of ‘Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia’s Sacred Sites’ and co-author of ‘Giants On Record  America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files’ (with Jim Vieira). He has been a regular guest on History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ and ‘Search for the Lost Giants’ and has articles published in Atlantis Rising (US), New Dawn (Australia), Nexus (UK/AUS) and numerous other publications. As well as organising the Megalithomania conferences and tours, he co-organises the Origins Conference in London with Andrew Collins and has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia and North America. He lives in Glastonbury, England. His websites are www.megalithomania.co.uk and www.hughnewman.co.uk .

Hugh’s Talk –  The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain.  In honour of Anthony Roberts’ Sowers of Thunder book (1978), Hugh will explore the mystery of the legendary giants of the British Isles, looking at the the founding of Britain by Brutus who defeated the giant called Gogmagog, the Fomorians and Fir Bolg of Ireland, the mighty megalith builders of England, the ‘Cawr’ giants of Wales; as well as the surprising amount of news accounts that give credence to the legends. Numerous oversized skeletons were said to have been found near Stonehenge, and over 60 other skeletons (and bones) have been reported across Britain, as well as numerous giant artefacts. Hugh will look at the archaeological evidence, decode the legends, and reveal the stories that say a thriving populations of powerful  tribes ruled ancient Albion from over 6,000 years ago, and may have been responsible for the megalithic constructions. He will also look at the power of the myths; the stories of how they could affect weather, had shaman powers and the impact that they had on civilisation, as well as give an overview of the giant phenomenon in North America. But did they really exist, or are they simply the stuff of legend?

Clair Heron

Claire grew up on a farm in Cumbria drinking fresh spring water from the fell and now lives by the watershed between the rivers Lune and Eden, just across the road from St.Helen’s Well, the ever-flowing source of the Lune.  A spontaneous mystical experience in her late teens led to 3 decades of spiritual exploration. She now focuses on supporting people to be in deep relationship with themselves and the environment. She works with Shivam O’Brien of Spirit Horse Foundation in Wales facilitating self enquiry retreats and is creator of the 8000 strong Holy Wells and Sacred Springs of Britain group on Facebook.

Claire’s talk – Sacred Water, From Holy Wells to Human Cells.  is an exploration of the Mystery of our relationship with water. A little bit of science, a smidgeon of history, and a dash of spirituality to taste, the talk will be a welcoming brew, an invitation to reconnect with the Waters of our Land. There will be reminders and pointers of how to honour the waters, encompassing the properties of water, visiting holy wells, water ceremony and human consciousness.

Mike Oram

Strange Water Creatures of Loch Morar and the Lakes of Connemara – Strange water creatures have been recorded for decades. Are they merely myths or are they something real? A fascinating journey into the legends and history of these mysterious creatures.

John Lamb

John is a popular local speaker who works as a member of the Wildlife Trusts team and contributor to the book ‘Lancashire’s Sacred Landscape’.

John’s Talk – Contact with the Spirit of Place – An experiential journey. John will be sharing fascinating stories of amazing events experienced during psychic questing journeys.