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Speakers Page 2021

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Robin Heath
Finding Atlantis – our Lost Legacy from Prehistory
Reading the megalithic language

The right brainers were never going to fit all the pieces of the prehistoric jigsaw together, but have sensed it would be possible. Left brainers have been able to place pieces of this jigsaw that make out some of its features – the picture on the box. However, ‘experts’ decided long ago that prehistoric people were essentially barbarians who had no method of storing cultural information to pass on to their progeny. Archaeologists, who unfortunately remain untrained in the techniques for understanding this picture, remain ‘discouraged’ by their employers to investigate the matter, and believe that there is no picture on the box.
Megalithic researcher and author Robin Heath has found a pile of new pieces of the puzzle which fit together seamlessly and which offer more than a glimpse of the  megalithic jigsaw picture, revealed in this fully illustrated presentation.