Avebury & Glastonbury Tour

Christmas in Glastonbury

Avebury, the Marlborough Downs

Four Day Tour of Ancient & Mystical Sites of the Marlborough Downs

The ancient sacred landscapes of the Marlborough Downs, which boasts the massive Avebury Stone Circle complex as its centre piece is among the greatest gems of the Megalithic World and we will have a full day exploring these on this ever popular ancient sites tour.  We will also take in the amazing West Kennett Long Barrow, the Sanctuary Circle, Silbury Hill, and more.

Our hotel will be in historic Glastonbury, where we will be visiting the famous Glastonbury Tor, the Burrow Mump and Glastonbury Abbey which is said to be the final resting place of King Arthur and his wife Guinevere. The ‘Chalice Well Gardens’ with its red and white springs, healing pool and peace garden is also a place of pilgrimage and we will visit here after taking in Joseph of Aramathea’s Holy Thorn. We will also have free time to explore Glastonbury town and to experience the spiritual atmosphere, which seems to hang in the air. The town has many interesting shops to visit including some excellent specialist bookshops.

To begin our ancient and mystical sites tour we will visit the spectacular three stone-circle site at Stanton Drew, which includes the second largest stone-circle in Britain and to complete this action packed long weekends break we will be visiting King Arthur’s spectacular South Cadbury Castle Hill Fort.

Proposed Itinerary of Ancient & Mystical Sites

Day 1. – Thursday

The Cove Standing Stones
Druids Arms lunch stop
Stanton Drew Stone Circle complex
Book into the hotel in Glastonbury

Day 2. – Friday

Avebury Stone Circle & Henge complex
West Kennet Long Barrow
Silbury Hill. Ancient man-made mound
The Sanctuary Circle
Alton Prior Church & its hidden megalith

Day 3. – Saturday

In the morning we will visit the Holy Thorn of Joseph of Aramathea and the Burrow Mump.  You will then have free time in Glastonbury to take in Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well and its Healing pool and White Spring and then experience the spiritual atmosphere, which seems to hang in the air.  The town has many new age, esoteric shops as well as some excellent bookshops and of course the famous Glastonbury Abbey.

Day 4. Sunday

Today we will visit the magnificent South Cadbury Castle earthworks, the Iron Age hill fort associated with King Arthur’s Camelot. 

Price for the 4 Day Tour – £650

(single supplement £50 – Deposit £150)

Booking & Payment

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