The Holy Isle of Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall Sacred Site Tour

The Holy Isle of Lindisfarne
& Hadrian’s Wall Tour

A Two Day Tour of the North East’s Hadrian’s Wall and the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne

On this two day tour of England’s stunning North East we will be heading for the Holy Island of Lindisfarne the ancient home of the Monks of the Lindisfarne Gospels. We will cross the sea causeway to the island that floods twice daily to take in Lindisfarne Priory, the Castle and the fascinating ‘Lindisfarne Centre’. On our journey north we will explore Hadrian’s Wall including the Banks Turret Mile Castle, the Temple to the God Mithras, Roman Vindolanda, the best preserved remains of a cavalry fort in Britain and the Roman Army Museum. We will also visit the Mare & Foal standing stones and have a break in the Northumbrian town of Hexham.

Saturday – A Tour of Hadrian’s Wall

Vindolanda Roman Fort
Roman Army Museum
Mithras Temple
Banks Turret Mile Castle
Mare & Foal Standing Stones

Sunday – A Tour of the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne 

Holy Island
Lindisfarne Priory
Lindisfarne Castle (external view)
Lindisfarne Centre

Hadrian's Wall & Lindisfarne


2 Day Weekend – £370 (Deposit £100 - Single Sup £20)

Price includes all transport from pick up to drop off, one night B&B and entrance fees to Lindisfarne Priory, Lindisfarne Centre, Vindolanda Fort and the Roman Army Museum