Megalithic Tours Timetable 2019/2020

Ancient, Mystical & Historical Sites

Tour Groups are up to seven people

Please click on ‘Tour Details’ for further information and contact Neil if you have any inquiries.

2 Rooms Available – £25 each

For anyone arriving the day before or staying in Preston the night after the tour, I have two rooms available in my house.  £25 each with train station pick up and drop off.  Just let me know if you would like to book one. 

Date Tour Days   Tour Details
Aug 31st Hereford & a Knights Templar connection 2 TOUR FULL  
Sep 7th Piel Island & Furness Abbey 1 Only 2 places left Tour Details
 Sep 13th Sardinia’s Nuraghi and Giants Tombs 7 Only 1 place left Tour Details
Sep 29th  Scottish West Coast Highlands and Islands Only 1  place left Tour Details
Oct 13th Menorca’s Mysterious Talayotic Culture 7 Places available Tour Details
Oct 26th Pendle Witch Day 1 Tour filling Tour Details
Nov 1st The Ancient Temples of Magical Malta 8 Places available Tour Details
Nov 16th Holy Isle of Lindisfarne & Hadrian’s Wall 2 Places available Tour Details
Dec 14th Roslyn Chapel & Edinburgh at Christmas 2 Tour filling Tour Details 
Dec 27th New Year Tour. Megaliths of Brittany’s Cotes-d’ Armor 7 Places available  Tour Details
Feb 15th Mystical Lancashire 1.  1 Places available Tour Details 
 Feb 22nd Mystical Lancashire 2. 1 Places available  Tour Details 
March 14th  Mysterious Anglesey 2 Places available Tour Details 
March 19th  Avebury, the Marlborough Downs & Glastonbury Tour 4 Places available Tour Details 
April 2nd  Mystical Lake District Places available Tour Details 
April 10th Mystical Isle of Man 4 Places available Tour Details
April 20th  The Ancient Etruscan people of Tuscany Only 1 place left Tour Details 
May 4th Ancient Ireland the Emerald Isle 7 Only 3 places left Tour Details 
May 17th N. France & the Stones of Carnac 7 Only 2 places left Tour Details 
June 12th Cathar Country Tour 8 Tour Now Filling Tour Details 
July 25th  Orkney, Shetland & Aberdeen  7 Places available Tour Details
Sep Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage Tour 9 Places available Tour Details